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Rotem Bartuv 


Ph.D. Student at the Department of Agroecology and Plants Health| Faculty of Agriculture, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Newe Ya'ar Center, Institute of Plant Sciences, The Agricultural Research Organization

2019 - Estimated graduation date: 2023

Advisors: Prof. Droby Samir, Ph.D. Freilich Shiri, ARO Volcani Research Center.

Ph.D. thesis: Using genomics to study the microbiome's function in the disease process in apple fruit after harvest.

Master's thesis: Using genomics decipher eco-system function and design sustainable agricultural and bio-control practices.

Biotechnology, B.Sc.| Faculty of Sciences and Technology, Tel-Hai College 2019– 2016

Specialization in Agriculture.


Short CV:


Practicing a genomics course | Faculty of Agriculture, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem |

The course focuses on the latest sequencing technologies that allow for the creation of genomic-scale data that require developing new methods for processing and analyzing information.


Research Assistant | MIGAL- Galilee Research Institute |

Research assistant in the Plant Molecular Genetics laboratory of Prof. Martin Goldway.



Abdelfattah A, Freilich S, Bartuv R, Zhimo V. Yeka, Kumar A, Biasi A, Salim S, Feygenberg O, Burchard E, Dardick C, Liu J, Khan A, Ellouze W, Ali S, Spadaro D, Torres R, Teixido N, Ozkaya O, Buehlmann A, Vero S, Mondino P, Berg G, Wisniewski M, Droby S. (2021) Global analysis of the apple fruit microbiome: Are all apples the same? Environmental Microbiology

Tal O, Bartuv R, Vetcos M, Medina S, Jiang J, Freilich S. NetCom : a network-based tool for predicting metabolic activi- ties of microbial communities based on interpretation of meta- genomics data. Microorganisms 2021, 9(9),1838;

Bartuv R, Vetcos M, Medina S, Salim S, Feygenberg O, Faigenboim-Doron A, Abdelfattah A, Zhimo Y, Wisniewski M, 

Freilich S, Droby S. Functional analysis of the apple fruit microbiome based on shotgun metagenomic sequencing of 

samples from conventional and organic orchards. (Under revision).

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