Shlomit Medina

Education/short cv:



Department of Plant Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Department of Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.​


My main work is analyzing bacterial sequencing data from environmental experiments:

.      Building a metabolic model for organic compouns degradation. 

·      BTEX degradation in contaminated soils (Jenny's project).

·      Seed meal amendments for suppressing soil-borne diseases.

·      Calculate sap-feeding insect symbionts relationships.


For 16S analyzes I use QIIME2.

For data calculation and illustration I use R, python and PAST3.


Previously I worked on compost and soil biological characteristics:

·      Using microcalorimeter for measuring heat emission.

·      Evaluating compost and soil suppressions against soil-borne diseases in greenhouse experiments.