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Shlomit Medina

Education/short cv:



Department of Plant Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Department of Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.​


My current main work is analyzing bacterial sequencing data from environmental experiments:

  • Building a metabolic model for organic compounds degradation. 

  • I analyze models results graphically for clarification, in methane emission projects (jenny and Julia) and BTEX degradation in contaminated soil projects (Jenny).

  • Seed meal amendments for suppressing soil-borne diseases.

  • Calculate sap-feeding insect symbionts relationships.


For 16S analyses I use QIIME2.

For data calculation and illustration, I use R, python, and PAST3.


Previously I worked on compost and soil biological characteristics:

  • Using a microcalorimeter to measure heat emission.

  • Evaluating compost and soil suppressions against soil-borne diseases in greenhouse experiments.

  • I was a project manager and analyzed the results of 3 interregional projects: 1. compost dose effect in the organic regime in Newe Ya'ar and Gilat research centers. 2. Olive meal wastewater disposal by spraying it in an olive orchard in Gilat. 3. Effect of dispersing olive meal wastewater in a field in Newe Ya'ar.

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