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Maria Berihu


Education/short cv:





Food Science, Tel-Hai College.


1.2018 - 8.2018 -Research assistant in the laboratory of Dr. Livnat Afriat-Jurnou.


Focus on selecting beneficial soil taxa based on network analysis of functional soil microbiome.

After completing a Bachelor's Degree, I was looking for a project where I could combine the basis I had received in biology and combine it with computers, and then I found a great place to unite it.

Our project is based on data obtained from metagenome sequencing collected from rhizosphere soil samples. Our goal is to analyze changes in the microbiome in healthy or diseased soil and understand which taxonomic groups can affect the recovery of the soil or vice versa.

We use a genomic algorithm to find specific metabolites that will help us restore the microbiome in diseased soil. This method may prove to be the next breakthrough in the concept of microbiome functions and smart agriculture without pesticides.

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